"It was only when I began my proactive work with Dr. April that I felt a true understanding and dissolve of circulating fears. The tools he teaches assisted me and continue to -- I felt a difference quickly."

Marketing Executive, Los Angeles


A Description 

The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management - Los Angeles maintains a special trichotillomania treatment program with extremely high success rates for those suffering with Trichotillomania - Compulsive Hair Pulling Disorder and its hallmark symptoms of the pulling out of one's own hair from the head, eyelashes, eyebrows and other parts of the body.  

This syndrome can be quite severe and creates embarrassment.  In order to minimize criticism or social judgement, it is common for those to hide damage with wigs, hats and other diversions, such as falsely claiming to suffer from "alopecia".

Trichotillomania is considered to be a neurobiological disorder exacerbated by stress and reinforced patterns.  This suggests that though individuals are born with this condition, it may not be triggered in earlier years.  However, once a pattern has been established, stress can increase pulling tendencies.  In other words, it becomes a habit to pull in front of the mirror, when watching TV, while reading, at the computer, on the phone, while driving, while in bed, etc.  

Many sufferers describe the feeling of being in a "trance" when pulling.  Though destructive and disruptive to their lives, Trichotillomania sufferers often find the act of pulling pleasurable and relaxing.  


Help Available at The April Center

We offer the only scientifically proven form of treatment for Trichotillomania - Compulsive Hair Pulling Syndrome.   This is called "Habit Reversal Training" and is a special strategy within the area of Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. 

At The April Center, Habit Reversal Training (HRT) involves awareness training (regarding an individuals pulling frequency, degree and where this behavior occurs), zen meditation, competing response (a new behavior to perform to counter the strong impulse and reinforced behavior of compulsive hair pulling), and habit blockers (minor behaviors that, if performed, can stop one from the act of pulling during the typical time period.

We design our Trichotillomania treatment to fit your needs and specific symptoms.  We offer individual therapy sessions or scheduled phone therapy sessions when appropriate for those outside of the area of The April Center.


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