"It was only when I began my proactive work with Dr. April that I felt a true understanding and dissolve of circulating fears. The tools he teaches assisted me and continue to -- I felt a difference quickly."

Marketing Executive, Los Angeles

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October 2008 Newsletter


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Now lets get to this month's quote!

Quote of the Month

"What doesn't kill you makes you stronger" ~Unknown

Have you ever heard this quote?

It seems true, but is it really?

Not when we're talking about anxiety!

The longer it takes you to face that which makes you anxious, the larger the grip it has over you.

It may not kill you to be anxious, but it certainly can shut down your life. Thereby making you feel weaker. And this is a form of death. How so? Because it usually means a loss of former functioning. A loss of what you used to be able to do so easily and nonchalantly.

But there is hope. If you modify this quote just a little eentsy bit, it can help tremendously.

So here is your new quote: "Whatever anxiety you confront, makes you stronger!" ~ Unknown

This is absolutely true!

Each and every time you confront your anxiety, it can make you stronger! Learning how to deal with it and then doing so, brings more confidence and power. This then results in making you more able to face life's challenges with courage and strength.

Keep this in mind when you find yourself avoiding that which makes you anxious. Knowing strength is just around the corner when you face anxiety can give you that extra kick in the pants to do what's needed.

For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety when you're ready to face and confront it, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management
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What Others Say About Dr. April

"After 6 months of suffering with panic attacks, I called Dr. April. After just three sessions, I was able to manage my feelings of panic. Instead of spending countless hours browsing on the internet for help and making yourself more anxious, call a professional - call Dr. April!" - Polina S., entrepreneur, mother of two

"Thanks Dr. April for guiding me to become a stronger person. I'm so much happier! I think any client is lucky to have you, as I was! Thanks again for all you do to change people's lives!" -Sally, sales executive

"Since working with Dr. April, my teenage son has experienced rapid change and has made great strides in self-confidence. Dr. April is gifted in his work and is an inspiration to those fortunate to connect with him. He is not only an excellent psychologist, but a mentor as well." - Julia, Consultant, CoeurAlign Design

"Such positive energy! Enlightening!" - Susan, mother of three


Call today at (310) 429-1024 for your FREE phone consultation to share your anxiety and talk about solutions.

For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety attacks, panic disorder, social anxiety, OCD, obsessions, compulsions, driving anxiety, fear of flying, generalized anxiety, excessive worry, phobias, unwanted thoughts, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, social tension, life stress, and dating and relationship anxiety, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management.

Dr. April can be reached at (310) 429-1024 for consultation and the scheduling of appointments.


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