Hi, Dr. April. If you don't mind, please pass this information along to your staff psychologist. She has been incredible over the past couple of sessions; insightful, informative, and has assisted me well. When I began, my driving anxiety left me frozen and avoiding the road, but with her help, it is significantly better, even in this short amount of time. I credit that to The April Center for Anxiety’s guidance. I continue to ride out the momentum of my progress and the anxiety is nearly non-existent. Many thanks to you and your staff therapist. Your services are invaluable and I'm better because of them!

Jason R.

News from The April Center

November 2008 Newsletter

How was your anxiety level in October?

Are you prepared for November to be the month where you handle it better than ever before? You can make it happen! Just be aware that this is often an anxiety provoking month for a lot of people due to the Holiday season and the stress it can bring.

But to beat that stress, The April Center continues to offer individual and group treatment. And guess what, we are now open on Saturdays!

So don't hesitate to contact us. We would love to provide you with expert help so that you can regain your calm and freedom.

(No Progress? Then you don't pay! *If you haven't experienced any reduction of your anxiety one week after your first session with Dr. April, we will give you a full refund!)

Now lets get to this month's quote! And don't forget to check out our added feature: The Kick Fear movie recommendation of the month.

Quote of the Month

"Today is the tomorrow that you were so worried about yesterday." ~Unknown

Isn't this a great saying? I had never heard it before my most recent haircut. I guess I should explain. You see, I wanted to find a great quote for November to help you challenge your anxiety. I had a few quotes in mind as I went to get my hair cut and there, sitting on my stylist's table, was this quote.

Lets apply it to the anxiety you struggle with. This quote suggests many things:

1.) That you'll handle your fears and that they often aren't as bad as you anticipated.

2.) That worrying doesn't really protect or help you. All the time you spend on worrying about a future event can be better spent because it doesn't improve or change the nature of the event. Why not spend some worry time on preparing to handle the event?

3.) That once the event arrives that you were so anxious about, you'll get through it and move forward. Life goes on and you have no choice but to continue forth.

Isn't this quote freeing? You can continue avoiding anxiety or make a brave choice to face it. How else can you discover that you can get past it?

There are always choices in life. The best ones (and if you're a warrior - the only ones) are based on continuing to move forward!

For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety when you're ready to face and confront it, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management
Expertly treating your anxiety, Dr. Craig April

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KickFear Movie Recommendation of the Month

Have you seen "Talladega Nights"? Well this is a favorite of mine with regard to battling anxiety.

Although it provides a lot of silly laughs from Will Ferrell, it also is a great story about facing your fears.

In fact, it covers the entire process with regard to experiencing anxiety and moving past it:

  1. The initial stressor
  2. The panic
  3. The avoidance
  4. How the avoidance shuts down your life
  5. The importance of having help and getting support
  6. The courage it takes to face your fear/anxiety
  7. The strength and life change gained once you face and then embrace what you feared

If you haven't seen it, I strongly encourage you to watch it. And if you have, watch it again while keeping the above in mind. You might find it to be a real inspiration.

Happy viewing!

What Others Say About Dr. April

"After 6 months of suffering with panic attacks, I called Dr. April. After just three sessions, I was able to manage my feelings of panic. Instead of spending countless hours browsing on the internet for help and making yourself more anxious, call a professional - call Dr. April!" - Polina S., entrepreneur, mother of two

"Thanks Dr. April for guiding me to become a stronger person. I'm so much happier! I think any client is lucky to have you, as I was! Thanks again for all you do to change people's lives!" -Sally, sales executive

"Since working with Dr. April, my teenage son has experienced rapid change and has made great strides in self-confidence. Dr. April is gifted in his work and is an inspiration to those fortunate to connect with him. He is not only an excellent psychologist, but a mentor as well." - Julia, Consultant, CoeurAlign Design

"Such positive energy! Enlightening!" - Susan, mother of three


Call today at (310) 429-1024 for your FREE phone consultation to share your anxiety and talk about solutions.

For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety attacks, panic disorder, social anxiety, OCD, obsessions, compulsions, driving anxiety, fear of flying, generalized anxiety, excessive worry, phobias, unwanted thoughts, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, social tension, life stress, and dating and relationship anxiety, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management.

Dr. April can be reached at (310) 429-1024 for consultation and the scheduling of appointments.


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