"It was only when I began my proactive work with Dr. April that I felt a true understanding and dissolve of circulating fears. The tools he teaches assisted me and continue to -- I felt a difference quickly."

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June 2009 Newsletter

Quote of the Month

"Every time we choose safety, we reinforce fear" - Cheri Huber

Every time?

Yes, every time we choose safety over facing a fear it makes the fear grow larger and keeps it around.

There are a number of false beliefs that perpetuate anxiety. The belief that avoiding what you fear keeps you safe is one of the biggest false beliefs. In reality, avoidance only serves to make anxiety your more frequent companion - even if it is a relief for the moment.

Think about it. Has avoiding what makes you anxious made the fear say "bye bye"? Or has avoiding what you fear made the fear say, "Hey pal, nice to see you again"?

You can't grow or make life changes in your comfort zone.


Is it driving anxiety, fear of elevators, fear of being in public places, fear of germs, specific obsessions or thoughts, social anxiety, panic symptoms, . . . ? The list could go on, of course. There are so many things that we humans can fear.

Just keep this quote in mind to spur you on to face your fears - if you want to get rid of them that is. 

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KickFear Movie Recommendation of the Month

Groundhog Day

Have you seen this movie? Maybe years ago? I encourage you to rewatch it before the end of this month.

This movie is a great example of how you've got to stop resisting and move towards acceptance if you want things to be different.

Happy viewing. Feel free to share your thoughts!


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