"I'm so much happier! I think any client is lucky to have you, as I was! Thanks again for all you do to change people's lives!"

- Sally
sales executive

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January 2009 Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!!

Being that this is a whole new year bringing the opportunity of new beginnings, I've got a question for you.

What are you going to do about your anxiety that you haven't done in the past? It's a new year and it's time to do something that really turns the tables on this struggle that you've been having for so long.

Which is why, to help you start the new year off right, I've got an offer for you at the bottom of this month's newsletter. Check it out!

So are you ready for more calm and freedom in '09?

Great! Lets start your new path with this month's quote! 

Quote of the Month

"The calm you want lies just beyond your comfort zone" ~Unknown

This quote has a major implication regarding how you must think about anxiety.

If you are seeking freedom from anxiety, I'm sorry to tell you that it is not going to come from avoiding whatever makes you anxious. You are not going to break free by remaining in the area that makes you feel safe.

No risk, no reward!

You've got to move into the areas that scare the hell out of you! They might be bodily sensations or experiences or environments or interactions or something else entirely.

If you remain in your comfort zone by not getting expert help, not doing what is recommended and then deciding it is just too hard, you might just be opening your arms up to anxiety as your lifelong companion.

Do you want to be one who faces life's challenges as best you can - continuing to move forward? Or someone that accepts status quo and does not face struggles and pain? Don't you deserve more? If you're not sure, then you need help NOW!

Generally speaking, nothing worthwhile comes without some dedication and investment of time, energy, etc..

Now that said, regarding your comfort zone, you've also got to learn how to work smarter, NOT harder. At this point, maybe you feel you've tried all sorts of things to rid yourself of anxiety. Maybe you've read books and listened to tapes and on and on. You keep doing these soft methods hoping they'll work and yet they don't seem to get you over the anxiety hump.

Question: What is this telling you?

Answer: That you must now learn specific strategies that work to push you through your comfort zone. Not strategies focused on avoiding or escaping anxiety. They must be strategies to help you FACE anxiety!

And they've got to be STRONG strategies! Not soft strategies like "think of a happy place" or affirmations like "I am calm, I am calm, I am calm". Phoooeyyyy!!!

Think of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Your pot of gold is peace and calm. The end of the rainbow is just beyond your comfort zone.

It is a New Year. Time to do something different! I'll leave you this month with a verse from an old Tom Petty song: 'It's time to move on, time to get going, what lies ahead I have no way of knowing, but under my feet the grass is growing - time to move on, time to get going.

For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety when you're ready to face and confront it, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management
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KickFear Movie Recommendation of the Month

The Truman Show

I assume you have seen this movie, but it demands another viewing with regard to your anxiety.

This is a great example depicting the conditioning of anxiety/fear. Truman is a man who has been kept sheltered (and used) and desperately wants freedom. Yet, his conditioned fear of the water has gotten in his way (in addition to some other interesting factors).

Do you remember how and why he gets past this? It's because he's determined to live the way he wants and refuses to let anything stop him - no matter what!

Check this movie out again this month and watch it with an eye on anxiety while comparing it to your own.

Happy viewing! Feel free to share your thoughts! 

What Others Say About Dr. April

"After 6 months of suffering with panic attacks, I called Dr. April. After just three sessions, I was able to manage my feelings of panic. Instead of spending countless hours browsing on the internet for help and making yourself more anxious, call a professional - call Dr. April!" - Polina S., entrepreneur, mother of two

"Thanks Dr. April for guiding me to become a stronger person. I'm so much happier! I think any client is lucky to have you, as I was! Thanks again for all you do to change people's lives!" -Sally, sales executive

"Since working with Dr. April, my teenage son has experienced rapid change and has made great strides in self-confidence. Dr. April is gifted in his work and is an inspiration to those fortunate to connect with him. He is not only an excellent psychologist, but a mentor as well." - Julia, Consultant, CoeurAlign Design

"Such positive energy! Enlightening!" - Susan, mother of three


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For strategies and techniques to deal with anxiety attacks, panic disorder, social anxiety, OCD, obsessions, compulsions, driving anxiety, fear of flying, generalized anxiety, excessive worry, phobias, unwanted thoughts, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, social tension, life stress, and dating and relationship anxiety, call The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management.

Dr. April can be reached at (310) 429-1024 for consultation and the scheduling of appointments.


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