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- Marcy
married executive, Los Angeles

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February 2009 Newsletter

How has your anxiety been this month, thus far? I hope you learn from this month's features. And don't forget to take a look at my offer at the bottom of this issue.

Quote of the Month

"Courage is not the absence of fear, it is the mastery of it" ~Unknown

How often do you assume someone is brave because they do something you are afraid of attempting? You're not alone. We all tend to make this mistake sometimes.

And why is it a mistake?

Because often times, the brave things that you think people are doing aren't actually anxiety provoking for them. Maybe they were at one time, but maybe not anymore.

"Brave" is not the word to describe someone's actions (or your own for that matter) if there is no fear involved. How can something be brave or courageous if there is no fear?

This applies to everything. For example:

  • Swimming with sharks
  • Climbing Everest
  • Speaking in front of 2,000 people
  • Asking someone on a date
  • Driving in rush hour in the far left lane
  • Walking a tightrope from 20 stories up without a net.

None of these are brave if the person doing them is not afraid or anxious. Fear and anxiety are prerequisites for bravery or courage.

Remember this: Being brave is doing that which makes you anxious and mastering it. Meaning that, despite your fear, you are doing it anyway and will keep doing it until your anxiety lessens. This is the path of the warrior.

Anytime you decide to do something despite your anxiety, you are being brave and courageous. What anxiety or fear can you move closer to today? Moving closer is the first step towards mastery.

So focus on mastering your anxiety! If not now, when? 

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KickFear Movie Recommendation of the Month

The Wrestler

Have any of you seen this? MIckey Rourke is currently up for an Oscar for this movie role.

This is what I call a cautionary tale. It is a very sad story (though a well told one) about a person who refuses to change and continues to do the same things over and over and over again.

Although he is very unhappy with his life and wants more, he is unwilling to face certain fears and actually follow through, step by step, to make these changes.

Life is about choices. He chooses to be a victim and not take action, even when what he wants is right there in front of him.

The movie's theme song is by Bruce Springsteen and is called "One Trick Pony". This says it all.

Feel free to share your thoughts!


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