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Best Anxiety, OCD, Phobia Songs

The Best Songs To Help You Face Anxiety, OCD, Fear, Panic Attacks and Phobias

Sometimes it's important to focus on the lighter side of anxiety treatment.  The monster of anxiety wants to be taken seriously, but just like a child's fear of the dark, when a light is turned on the monster dissolves.  Here is a list of songs to help you turn the light of encouragement and inspiration on during your battle against the anxiety monster!

Let's begin!

These are in no particular order other than what occurred while creating this list.


21) The Eye of the Tiger - Survivor

Another Rocky song!  This tune is all about maintaining that warrior mentality.  Anxiety can sometimes make you feel like you're being pummeled by a heavyweight boxer with a powerhouse right hook.  This can cause you to lose sight of that fighting spirit that burns inside you. In fact, sometimes when seeing an anxiety doctor or specialist, the initial focus is on simply rediscovering that mental toughness - or creating it.  Facing anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, and phobias takes courage and "The Eye of the Tiger". 

22) Bump In The Road - Johnny Lang

This is a blues song from a blues prodigy.  It's about looking at so-called problems as just something to overcome.  Acceptance is a key part of resolving conflicts.  One must accept there is a problem and see it for what it is to finally resolve it.  If you give too much power to your conflicts, you run the risk of not seeing them clearly.  Anxiety can be just a "bump in the road".

23) Don't Stop Believin' - Journey

A list of inspirational songs to help you battle anxiety issues would be remiss without a mention of this classic rock song.  It always helps when involved in anxiety treatment or when simply facing fear on your own if you "believe you can".  It's no surprise that this often has a positive impact on one's success.

24) Fight The Good Fight - Triumph

A great rock song that addresses the importance of fighting through problems and living your life everyday.  It's about being a warrior and meeting life's challenges head on.  This is how we discover our potential.  It takes wisdom to know when to fight and when to accept.  Facing fear, phobias, OCD and panic attacks requires a fighting strategy.  But, prior to implementing any strategies, it's important to know what's worth fighting for.  Freedom from anxiety is definitely worth it!  So listen to this song and fight the good fight!

25) Breathe - U2

Many anxiety doctors and specialists are known to suggest breathing strategies along with meditation to reduce anxiety.  Why?  Because when performed correctly, the meditation breath can be very centering and calming to the body and mind.  And, as the song describes,  one can take charge of their breathing anytime, anywhere - No matter what is happening.  This is in your power.

26) Redemption Song - Bob Marley

A beautiful song about redemption for all.  One line in particular seems to stand out regarding the anxiety battle.  When Bob Marley sings "free yourself from mental slavery", it really resonates.  Being consumed by phobia and obsessive thinking is like being your mind's slave.  Anxiety is mind-generated.  Do what's necessary to break free.

27) I Still Believe - The Call

An 80's song that addresses the importance of using belief to push through one's fears and struggles.  An inspiring song for those that have struggled with anxiety or a phobia for many years.  Believe that freedom from anxiety can be yours!

28) Today Is Your Day - Shania Twain

Stresses the reality of the present moment and how you can choose to face fear today.  Today you can overcome fear and anxiety!  The past is only a memory maintained by your brain.  So are anxiety and obsessions, including health anxiety physical symptoms.  Anxiety-based thoughts are rarely new, though when afraid the thought can feel new every time!  Just remember that today is a new day and it can be filled with overcoming fear-inducing obstacles.

29) We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister

This is a song that can remind you to use anger over the limitations created by your anxiety in a positive way.  Instead of being angry at yourself or your circumstances, you can direct your anger at the anxiety itself.  Treat your anxiety, OCD, panic attacks or phobia as if it's an entity that you can be angry with.  Pound your phobia into submission by facing that which you most fear!

30) Heroes - David Bowie

This song focuses on how we all can be heroes at any point.  As corny as it sounds, you can be your own hero or your own rescuer any day.  How?  By facing fear and anxiety.  This takes courage -  the main quality of the hero!

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