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Best Anxiety, OCD, Phobia Songs

The Best Songs To Help You Face Anxiety, OCD, Fear, Panic Attacks and Phobias

Sometimes it's important to focus on the lighter side of anxiety treatment.  The monster of anxiety wants to be taken seriously, but just like a child's fear of the dark, when a light is turned on the monster dissolves.  Here is a list of songs to help you turn the light of encouragement and inspiration on during your battle against the anxiety monster!

Let's begin!

These are in no particular order other than what occurred while creating this list.


1) Unwritten - Natasha Bedenfield

A very popular song to this day, it encourages one to take charge of his or her own life and to realize that there are many possibilities.  No matter what's happening now, the future hasn't happened yet and could be completely different from your current reality.  Anxiety might be your current reality, but you can change this.  Listen to the lyrics of this inspirational song and plan to face your fears.

2) Gonna Fly Now - Rocky Theme

This is one of the most well-known, inspirational songs ever written. If you're struggling with facing anxiety, this theme song can immediately inspire a "You can do it" attitude.  If you're anxious about your ability to face a phobia, struggling with a fear of fainting from panic or an OCD obsession while in treatment or on your own, listen to this famous tune.  It will get you going!

3) Alive - POD

A great song to inspire you to seek freedom from anxiety, panic attacks, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and phobia.  What's interesting is that one often feels more alive when facing irrational fear.  It can be invigorating to do what you have avoided for so long.  Facing fear is empowering and inspiring in itself.  It can also make you feel alive, rather than suffering with anxiety that contributes to feeling like you're not among the living.

4) Make It Happen - Mariah Carey

The title says it all!  Don't sit around waiting for panic and anxiety to go away (it generally doesn't go away on it's own).  Take action.  Do something about getting rid of it.  I see many people who have made the mistake of waiting for their OCD or anxiety to go away on its own.  They always wish they hadn't wasted so many years on fear when progress was just around the corner.  So ackowledge your fear and take heed of these lyrics.  As the song says, "Make it happen"!

5) Right Now - Van Halen

An inspiring rock song focused on being mindful of the present moment and seizing the day.  Use it as a great message - stop accepting needless suffering and face anxiety!  You don't have to continue to suffer and live a life limited by any fear.  Taking that first step is essential and this song can give you a push to face whatever scares you.  Do it now!

6) We Are The Champions - Queen

Another classic rock anthem (often preceded by "We Will Rock You" on the radio - inspiring in it's own way).  Accept that you have the strength to overcome anxiety, OCD symptoms, phobias and panic disorder.  This song can help you reflect on all the past challenges that you've already looked in the eye and beaten.   You can fight anxious symptoms and win!  Be your own champion and know you can!

7) I Won't Back Down - Tom Petty

A song that you can sing to yourself when heading into the depths of fear, until you break free and are no longer afraid of your particular stimulus.  This is the attitude one must practice when working to overcome anxiety, panic attacks and phobias, including fear of driving on highways.  You mustn't back down.  Always move forward into fear one step at a time.  This is the gradual exposure that is part of the foundation of anxiety treatment.

8) It's My Life - Bon Jovi

A song that encourages the reality-based belief that this is your life and that it's too short to waste time.  You have the power to choose action.  It's your life, so live it.  What more can be said?  Listen and be inspired!


9) Final Countdown - Europe

This is an anthemic 80's metal song that can give you an extra push in facing your phobia - especially when you're about to actively confront it head on.  You've got to commit to yourself and your goal in order to experience relief from anxiety.  This song is a great inspiration when you're purposely heading into your phobia zone with the desire to break free. 

10) Bring It On - Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

This is a song about experiencing all of what life has to offer with courage and acceptance - the joy and sadness, the dark and the light, everything.  Trying to control what is out of our control only creates anxiety.  Acceptance, followed by courage and action, goes a long way.

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