"I wouldn't have been able to make it through without the tools The April Center provided me in my treatment. I know I can deal with anything in my life now with dignity."

- Tami
Los Angeles, CA

The April Center's "Anxiety Zen Meditation Program" For Panic Attacks, Social Anxiety, OCD, Phobias, and Worry


Want To Begin Experiencing Anxiety Relief? 


Here is an Anxiety Relief Technique That

Can Change Your LIFE!  

After only 1 session I felt better

"I had suffered from intense, debilitating anxiety and severe panic attacks for 8 months before I contacted Dr. Craig April. I had seen several specialists, invested in books and recorded programs and yet I was still suffering. I thought I would never be "normal" again. It was not until I met Dr. April that I finally realized I could overcome my fears. He presented everything in a compassionate, straight forward and understandable new way that really made sense and put me in control. From the first contact I had with him I knew that there was something different. 
After only one session with him I felt better and learned powerful techniques to take care of myself. After the second session I was confident enough to take two trips back East and handle my anxiety with no problem. Before meeting Dr. April I could barely leave the house. Today 
not only am I "normal" again, but I am better and stronger than I was before the anxiety disorder."

- Marcy, married executive, Los Angeles



Direct Statement from Dr. Craig April, Director of The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management and featured Anxiety Treatment Expert on A&E's hit TV series OBSESSED

Anxiety doesn't just go away by itself.  I'm sure you've seen that by now.  You've got to do something.  I've helped the anxiety sufferers that have visited my anxiety treatment center over the years to make amazing progress in their anxiety relief with the technique I am now offering in this downloadable ebook program - and I can help you too! I always see anxiety reduction for those that put this strategy into practice, so read on . . . "


Don't Let Anxiety Control Your Life! 



Hi, I'm Dr. April.


Can I ask you an important question? How much would anxiety relief mean to you? What if you had an easy-to-learn technique that could quickly reduce your anxiety in the moment while helping you ultimately manage anxiety in general? 


Does this sound like a fantasy? Well, it's absolutely possible with this anxiety relief zen meditation technique that I am now offering here as a program for only $9.95 as an instant download. 


I have maintained a ZEN meditation practice for well over 10 years now and it has been life changing for me. It has also been life changing for the anxiety sufferers we treat at my center who put this easy-to-learn technique into practice. Not only do they generally experience more calm than ever before, they also gain great confidence in handling their anxiety. After reaching their anxiety reduction goal, some even joke that they're now "ZEN masters".


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Buy this product now!

My excessive worry is virtually gone!

"I’ve suffered with different anxiety symptoms since a young age; panic attacks in certain situations, excessive worry and generalized anxiety caused by stress. I have been to many different therapists; however, Dr. April's techniques have been the only method that has truly improved my anxiety.

Dr. April offers the type of help unlike any professional I’ve been to. He has a very diverse and expert knowledge and understanding of anxiety and is aware of all the successful methods to help reduce it. He really takes the time to focus on your individual needs and sets attainable goals that move you in the direction to reach your ultimate goal.  His compassion and encouragement can help even the most timid of people gain confidence to face their fears and begin their journey to change."

- Crystal, 25 years old, Property Management




One Of The Most Powerful Ways I Know To Manage

Anxiety and Fear Is To Focus On

Staying In The Present Through Specific ZEN

(non - religion based) Meditation.


Right now you might be asking,  

"Well, what is ZEN about

and how can it help with anxiety?"

ZEN is simply about being mindful of the present moment and becoming an observer

of your thoughts rather than a victim.


And when you're anxious, not only are you completely victimized by your thoughts, but you are

not focused on the present, which is what's making you anxious!!!


How Much Of Life Is Your Anxiety Causing You To Miss?

If you struggle with anxiety, most likely 90% of your thoughts are focused on the past or

the future (or a combination of both).

Some examples include:

1.)    "What if ___(fill in the blank)___happens?"

2.)     "I hope what happened last time, doesn't happen this time."

....and so on.


Believing in and identifying with these thoughts is the problem that is creating

your anxiety!

You can stop this!

But, how?

Here is one answer...

The April Center

For Anxiety Attack Management's


"From Fear To Mastery:

Your Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation"




You Can Reduce Anxiety This Moment!


The present moment is all there is and your anxiety is never based on the present - it's always about

what might happen again and/or what might happen in the next moment/future.  When anxious,

your mind is taking control and you are believing in all of your past and future oriented anxiety provoking thoughts.

By focusing on the present moment, there is nothing to be anxious about!

You become more of an observer of your mind rather than its victim.

Like most anxiety sufferers, you probably have a good imagination and can come up with

any number of catastrophic thoughts.

But keep this in mind:

Thoughts are simply thoughts.  We all have a million of 'em every day.

And what you fear is not really happening now!


I'll give you an example.  You fear having a panic atttack.  Doesn't that mean that if you fear

it happening, it is not happening right now.  You might be dizzy, rapidly breathing, sweating, shaking, etc.,

but what leads you into panic are your thoughts about what these symptoms will mean for you next.


Here's another example demonstrating how anxious thoughts take you

away from what is happening in the present   . . .


You fear driving and losing control of the car.  But is that happening now? Or are you

just afraid it will?


and another example. . .


You fear being rejected or laughed at.  Is this happening right now or are you just afraid it will?

(many more examples given soon . . . So Read On!)

Right now you might be saying, "But Dr. April, when I'm anxious, I'm anxious in the present and

feel like something terrible is happening right now".

I know it seems that way, but this is not the case.  Consider this - Even if you were to experience intense

anxiety sensations in your body right now, it is your mind directing you to what happened before

and/or what might happen next as associated with these sensations. In other words, you're focused on the story that you've unintentionally attached to these sensations. 

This is, again, past and future oriented thinking.  See what I mean?  Think about the last life or

death "real" emergency situation you were faced with (maybe it was a car coming right at you or

maybe you were being attacked, etc.).  Were you concerned about your anxiety in that moment or

did you just do what you could to handle the situation?

Sensations and thoughts can't hurt you.  I know sometimes they don't feel great, but it is your

belief in these thoughts that is taking you down the anxiety tunnel.



But You Don't Have To Believe

These Thoughts

and Miss The Present Moment! 



Here is a big part of what is happening when you're anxious:

When anxious, the biological protective mechanism we all possess called "the fight or flight"

response is being incorrectly triggered causing our brain to send our system a false message of

"life or death" emergency.  Our bodies are then flooded with adrenaline, which could help us run

away or fight to stay alive when necessary.  However, this experience is felt intensely for you

when the "fight or flight" response is triggered and you're not truly in need of its services for

a real life or death emergency.  Anxiety is the common response based on the intense

adrenaline surge experienced in ordinary situations while your mind tells you this

"should not be happening".

Think about this for a moment.  When you're anxious, how often has it been about a life or

death moment?  Yet, your thoughts are telling you it is - while you become the victim.


This program can teach you how not to be victimized

by your thoughts, and to regain calm along with a

sense of power in relationship with your mind.



You might now be saying, "Interesting, but can this help with my area of anxiety?"


At The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management, I've proven the value of this

anxiety reduction zen meditation with anxiety sufferers struggling with the following

anxiety symptoms and disorders time and time again:

* Panic Attacks *


* Panic Disorder *


* Phobias (including driving, flying, agoraphobia, emetophobia, blood phobia, elevators,

travel, needle, food, heights and so many more) *


* Social Anxiety *


* OCD *


* Unwanted thoughts *


* Difficulty Breathing *


* Rapid Heartbeat *


* PTSD *


* Generalized Anxiety *


You can use this zen meditation technique that I'll

teach you in this program to help yourself

while faced with any anxiety symptom - and

anything else that is triggering fear!






Once again, this zen meditation can help with any area of anxiety because, not only is it

incredibly calming, but when anxious, it can bring your focus back to the present moment - where there is no real danger. If there was a real danger, you would just handle it and perhaps be anxious later. Remember, a direct cause of your anxiety is being caught in

thoughts that are focused on the past or the future.


More Examples:


*Panic Attacks / Panic Disorder = If you have panic attacks, you're focused on

"What if  . . .   _________ insert your symptoms here (ex. I go crazy, lose control,

can't breathe, have a heart attack, get embarrassed, etc.)", yet you're not right now.



*Phobias = If you have a phobia, you're focused on

"What if . . . _________ insert your symptoms here (ex.  I'm trapped, I get embarrassed,

the dog bites me, the plane goes down, I lose control of the car, I vomit, etc. )".

Yet, it's not happening now.


*Social Anxiety = If you have Social Anxiety,  you're focused on

"What if . . . _________ insert your symptoms here

(ex. I get rejected, I am criticized, people laugh at me, etc.)".

Yet, it's not happening now.


*OCD = If you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, your obsessions are focused on

"What if . . . __________insert obsession here

(ex. this item is contaminated, I harm someone, I get sick from

others who are ill, etc.)".  Yet, it's not happening now.


*General Anxiety =  If you have general anxiety, you're often generally anxious,

agitated and focused on a couple areas of worry like

"What if ____________ insert worry here (ex.  I lose my job, my spouse

leaves me, I'm anxious all the time, etc.)".

Yet, it's not happening now.

No Matter What Form Your Anxiety Takes -

Panic Attacks, Phobias, Social Anxiety, OCD,

General Anxiety, etc. -

this anxiety reduction zen meditation can bring you more calm

than ever before and carry you past anxiety

and to the fearless present.



Here is what you can gain from this easy-to-learn anxiety reduction zen meditation:

1.) Learn this specific zen meditation while Dr. April walks you through it step by step.


2.) Once you begin implementing this strategy which can reduce your anxiety immediately,

you can use it again and again as a foundation strategy for managing anxiety and fear.


3.) A state of calm that you can turn to whenever you like.


4.) Learn how to move away from self-judgment and towards self-acceptance.


5.) Learn to be mindful of the present so you stop missing the joy in your life's moments.


6.) Begin a regular meditation practice easily, which can offer consistent anxiety reduction

and a lot more!


7.) Have incredible, possibly life-changing, experiences by purposely

maintaining focus on the present moment!





This Program's Format :

Dr. April begins with a short discussion about the benefits of this anxiety reduction zen meditation

Dr. April then quickly teaches you, step by step, how to perform this anxiety reduction zen meditation

*Throughout each step, Dr. April mentions the way you can use this in your daily life - especially when faced with anxiety and fear. 


*The program ends by putting all the steps into practice, followed by a discussion of anxiety management in general and how to maintain your new anxiety reduction zen meditation practice following this day.


Knowing How To Access The Present Moment Is One Of The Most Important Keys To Anxiety Management


"You could waste lots of time online and spend plenty on anxiety management books,

reading about many different types of relaxation exercises and meditations available

(I read somewhere there are around 2,000)  . . .   


Learn this anxiety reduction zen meditation NOW that I help people reduce their anxiety

with day in and day out at The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management - Los Angeles."


Dr. April


Maybe you're reluctant to try MEDITATION because of its association with Spirituality. 

This anxiety reduction zen meditation is not associated with any religion or specific faith in any way! It is simply about being mindful of the present and decreasing the control you give your anxious thoughts - especially when you need this strategy the most. When your anxiety is going through the roof!



Maybe You Think You're Not Disciplined Enough or

That It Would Take Too Much Time.


Well, the strategy itself takes less than 5 minutes to learn and, if you're like most, once you experience the benefits, you'll want to use it as much as you can. 







So What Does This Essential Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation Strategy Cost?

Generally, it would cost you the price of a couple of individual sessions with my staff focused on

teaching you about zen, walking you through each step of this strategy and practicing 

in our office as you learn this technique.  However, by buying this program,

you won't have to pay anywhere near this.  In fact, if you respond right away,

your total investment is just $9.95!

That's an average of one dollar for the next 10 days for the opportunity to learn a technique that

could help you greatly reduce your anxiety now and possibly forever.  The amount of anxiety

reduction and calm you can experience would be worth so much more than this tiny investment

in yourself and your freedom.


Based on my years of working with hundreds of individuals, I am truly confident you’ll


This anxiety reduction zen meditation has been of such incredible benefit to my life and

the anxiety reduction of clients at my anxiety treatment center, that I felt that I must

share it with as many anxiety sufferers as I can.


By offering this in the form of a simple guide, it means you can easily receive it

and be reading it 2 minutes from nowEven if it’s 3:00 AM

in the morning!

*You'll get instant access to "Your Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation"

as soon as you press the download button.


No driving to a bookstore, no searching for a book in a sea of books online, no standing

in line to pay for it and no drive to bring it back home.


Start working towards anxiety reduction this very minute with

an instant download of this anxiety reduction zen meditation.  I've made the downloading

extremely simple, so anyone can do it with the touch of a button.





Act Now and You’ll receive this program for only $9.95!

But only if you act now, because this is an introductory price that will increase shortly.


Can you really afford to continue to suffer needlessly with

your anxiety?

How much has it limited or even shut down your life?

2 minutes from now you could have a technique that I've helped

so many anxiety sufferers with, just like you,

to change their life!


Don't Put Off Anxiety Reduction

Click The Buy Now Button Below To Begin


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The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management's

“From Fear To Mastery: Your Anxiety Reduction Zen Meditation".

How Much Is Peace Worth To You?
You can download a copy instantly and start using this technique right away!


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Wishing you and your family all the very best,

Dr. Craig April, Ph.D.



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The information in this program and on this website in no way substitutes for or represents any form of treatment for psychological, emotional, behavioral and physical syndromes or disorders. Appropriate licensed professionals must directly evaluate, diagnose and treat symptoms of physical or mental health conditions.
Although this Zen meditation is very different from most meditations (your eyes are open during the practice and it is meant to increase presence with any activity), there is a chance that when practicing you may become extremely relaxed.  Neither The April Center For Anxiety Attack Management nor Dr. April is responsible if you choose to practice this Zen meditation while operating dangerous machinery and you fall asleep with unpleasant consequences.  Additionally, we have done all possible to accurately reflect the potential of this program.  That said, we cannot and do not guarantee any specific anxiety reduction results or relief of symptoms.  Any and all liability is limited to the price of this ebook program.
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